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Robin Griffith-Jones
Anglican priest and Master, Temple Church, London

As Master of the Temple Church in London, Robin Griffith-Jones holds one of the historic positions in the Anglican Church. Robin was educated at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and before ordination worked at the fine-art auctioneers Christies, with Mother Teresa's sisters in India, and with the long-term homeless in London. As a priest he has served as assistant minister in outer Liverpool and as Chaplain at Lincoln College, Oxford; at Lincoln he occupied the rooms in which John Wesley started his "Holy Club," the seed from which grew the world-wide Methodist Church.

The Temple Church and its Master gained worldwide attention after Dan Brown set one of the climatic scenes of his bestselling book (and the subsequent movie) "The Da Vinci Code," in the crypt there. As interest in the book and subsequent movie grew, Griffith-Jones was in several TV-specials on the Code, produced by CNN, NBC, ABC and National Geographic, and in Beliefnet's "Da Vinci Code" video. He has also been featured on the ABC special on St Paul ("The Word and the Witness"), on National Geographic's special on the Templars, and in an upcoming CNN program on early Christianity, "After Jesus: The Birth of Christianity. "

Robin is author of "The Four Witnesses" (on the gospels), "The Gospel According to Paul, " and "The Da Vinci Code and the Secrets of the Temple." He is now at work on his next book, "Mary Magdalene: The Woman Whom Jesus Loved."
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