Beliefnet is the leading website covering religion and spirituality. Beliefnet offers many resources for exploring and understanding communion. In the Catholic Church, communion is the receiving of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, which Catholics believe is the body and blood of Christ under the appearance of bread and wine. Other Christian denominations also observe communion, known as the Lord's Supper in some churches, commemorating the sacrifice of Jesus' death and the Last Supper through the receiving of bread and wine. Since beliefs and practices concerning communion vary widely in individual churches, Beliefnet also offers a guide to denominational practices. Our communion coverage includes:
  • First Communion commentary and advice, including how to prepare your child and suggestions for gifts
  • A place for parents and family to build personal web pages to celebrate a child's First Communion
  • Discussion of interdenominational communion issues, including a chart explaining when it's ok to receive communion in another Christian denomination
Please choose a topic below to explore Beliefnet's communion resources.


Can I Receive Communion in a Different Church?

Should Catholics receive communion in Protestant churches? Arthur Magida explains intercommunion etiquette.

Guide to Communion in Different Denominations

As a visitor to a church of another denomination, should you receive communion? This comprehensive chart explains communion rules among Christian denominations.


Help Your Child Prepare for First Communion

Four tips for helping your child appreciate the significance of the sacrament.

Celebrate First Communion

First Communion is the first time a child receives the Eucharist. Create a celebration page for your favorite child. Plus: Send First Communion eCards.

First Communion Gifts

Suggestions for what to give children celebrating their first communion.

Are First Communions Too Fancy?

Have lavish parties replaced the sacredness of this special day? Read one mother's opinion.


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