Journal Tips - Community

Journal Tips - Community

Creating Your Journal on Beliefnet

Your personal journal on Beliefnet gives you your own space to easily post your thoughts, share your feelings, and explore ideas.

There are countless ways to use a journal. Below are some possibilities to explore when posting to and creating your personal or group journal on Beliefnet. Experiment with them or come up with your own approach.

Here's a helpful guide to posting in your journal:

You can turn your journal into:

  • A Diary: Express your feelings, reflections and ideas in it much as you would a diary.

  • A Pulpit: Voice your concerns, sermons or opinions to yourself, a network of friends or the community.

  • A Notebook: React to your subscribed feeds and/or articles you read on Beliefnet or elsewhere

  • A Communal Blog: Encourage your Beliefnet group members to use the journal as a tool for dialogue

  • A Blackboard: Make your journal the place your study group turns to share thoughts, opinions and ideas

  • A Bulletin Board: Copy and paste a comment posted in your journal and respond to it.

  • An Outlet: Let it be a place where you can say as little or as much as you like

  • A Topical Blog: Choose a topic for your journal ("Contemporary Christianity," "Faith & Politics in the 2008 Election," etc.) and go with it.

  • A Photo Blog: Turn it into a photo-based journal and post your images regularly there

  • A Fun Zone: Don't let it become a chore. Journaling should be fun and empowering.

  • A Hot Spot: Make your journal a place that everyone wants to be to see what’s coming next.

  • A Hang Out: Tell your friends about it by inviting them in or messaging through the network.

  • A Canvas: In addition to saying what you think, you can use the tools to design the text as you like.

  • A Support Center: Seek support from the community or offer some of your own through journaling

  • A Chance to Win: Beliefnet will solicit articles and ideas from users through journal posts and feature the best journals and posts around the site. So stay tuned for these special features.

    Read to get started? Click on the "My Journal" link under the My Home button on your Community home page.
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