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Feng Shui

Clear Your Home, Your Life
Clearing your space and consciousness will help you become an emotionally healthier person.

From Big Mess to Love Nest
Feng Shui expert Nancy SantoPietro does a Valentine's Day bedroom makeover for a Beliefnet member--but you can apply these rules any day.

A Home for Your Heart
If your heart doesn't lift when you return home each night, you need feng shui.

Vibing with Vastu
Keeping the gods happy is the key to designing flowing, open spaces that swirl with good energy.

Home Altars

A Guide to Women's Altars
A personal altar invites us to reconnect with the deeper parts of ourselves. Here's how to get started.

Buddhist Altars 101
Whether elaborate or spartan, a true home altar really needs attention and faith.

My Hindu Altar
Despite my teenaged rebellion, I've come to embrace my father's way of worshipping and even set up my own home altar.