Spiritual creativity of a high order is needed to wipe out such a vast number of deeply charged impressions. Never discount spontaneous insights or the flow of grace. The wisdom needed for self-realization cannot be mimicked. It is, after all, your journey.

woman praying thinkingWhat you can learn from the world’s mystical traditions to help you on the way is:

Selfless Love is the force that dissolves every tangle disturbing the soul’s peace.

Love comes from the silence. Cultivate a relationship to silence. Ego needs a voice to complain.

Forgiveness is not an action it is a state of being that uproots every form of separation.

Be in constant relationship to Truth in whatever personal or impersonal form is revealed to you.

Look directly at whatever is in front of you fully, dispassionately and with a commitment to act with great courage when needed.

Where does the journey lead once you have dissolved every impression holding you back? Heaven? Paradise? Nirvana? I guess the answer is ‘Yes.’