You can also combine the writing and the visual. Mixed media artist Tam Laporte does a fan-tastic job of combining art journaling with healing. Just write or draw it out with your fingers. You’ll get to discover your deepest truth in safe place.

Step 5. Learn New Things

I stumbled on an e-course on drawing and painting portraits couple of months before my sec-ond child’s birth. Had I not taken that course, I might not have discovered my passion then. I be-lieve I eventually still would, but it would take longer.

If you’re unsure what your passion is, go out there and explore new things! Is it to take a life drawing class, or an e-course on art and painting? How about writing poetry or novels? Or is it to take a tennis lesson? Or maybe it’s doing volunteer work in Africa? The key here is to keep learning new things, expanding your comfort zone. And before you know it, you would have fallen into “the thing.” With all these tools to use and things to learn, it’s important to breathe, pause and remind yourself to just relax. Self-discovery is a journey. It’s a journey of a life-time, as we continue to grow.

What is your next step on this wonderful journey?

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