Can Astrology Actually Help You Lose Weight?

How understanding the patterns in your horoscope may solve your diet dilemma once and for all.

I've been up and down the scales more than I care to admit.

My own experience has convinced me that there is a spiritual aspect to most weight problems that can and should be explored with the help of astrology. If it were as simple as going on a diet, exercising, and losing the weight, most of us can and have done that. But most gain it back, and repeat the cycle again and again. Why? What are the underlying issues?

Though hard to imagine, svelte beauty, while the desired norm, may actually feel dangerous! Psychologists agree that weight is a form of protection. I like to describe it as 'bubble wrap' for a delicate and fragile object. What makes some of us so sensitive that we need that extra padding? Trauma in childhood is the most obvious place to look. But can answers also be found in past lives or in the stars? For some, weight is a 'karmic' issue. Traumatic but unconscious soul memories from another time when beauty may have led to rape, devastating betrayal in love, or being overlooked for one's brains and talent may linger deep within the unconscious of an individual. Super-sensitive types who shed lots of weight may fear repeating such experiences. When they suddenly become too attractive the fear kicks in, leading to putting the weight back on just to feel safe.


Astrology can provide understanding and insight, and may even suggest specific strategies to overcome karmic weight problems.

Sun Sign Sense and Sensibility

On April 17, celebrated and controversial diet guru Dr. Robert C. Atkins died 9 days after slipping on a Manhattan street outside of his world-famous diet center. The New York Times obituary reported his birth-date: October 17, 1930. Not surprisingly, Dr. Atkins' sun sign was Libra, as are many who make their mark in the world of dieting and weight-loss. Libra is an air sign. Its constellation, the Scales of Justice represent Libra's lifelong search for truth. Air is the element of the intellect and Libra is 'the artistic mind.' Libra rules balance, harmony, cooperation and marriage. Preoccupied with making their world a more beautiful place, they tirelessly flex their agile minds around all sides of an issue to do it. Not surprisingly, quite a few become playwrights and prize-winning authors: Arthur Miller, Truman Capote, Anne Rice, Wendy Wasserstein, Hannah Arendt, Art Buchwald, and Mario Puzo, to name a few. As they experience various aspects of the truth in search of the 'one' that will balance out, they go up and down - in their lives and on the scale.

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Shelley L. Ackerman
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