Important Reasons to Choose Organic Produce

Organic produce is far from being just a fad or a marketing ploy. In fact there are several very important reasons you should choose organic produce. Here are three reasons to sit up and pay attention to organic produce.

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If pesticides are used in excess, as they are in non-organic farming, genetic mutation in the insect world is likely to occur and new forms of insects will emerge that we will be unable to combat. In the worst case scenario, insects may develop whose sting is seriously poisonous to humans. In the best case scenario, we will have nothing left to combat them with and we will face situations asserious as the biblical locust plague.

Important Reasons to Buy Organic…

Perhaps you don’t care that growth hormone is getting into the food chain dueto contamination from dairy cows or super-viruses are developing due to the excessive use of antibiotics or insect mutations may result from the excessiveuse of pesticides. Even if you don’t care about any of these things, there are still compelling reasons to choose organic produce.

Organic food has been proven to contain higher levels of nutrients than non-organic food. For example, nitrate levels in organic food are on average 15% lower than non-organic food. Organic vegetables have been shown to have 15-50% more secondary nutrients than their non-organic cousins. This means that they contain anywhere from 15- 50% more antioxidants.

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