Should Muslim women shun bananas, cucumbers and zucchinis?

An Islamic cleric says they must if they are to avoid sexual temptation. However, Egyptian news columnists are just embarrassed.


12/18/2011 11:11:00 PM

I am soooooooooo sick of hearing about muslim women and their rights or non-rights! They have lived hundreds of years under this rule of Sharia law and the muslim faith and will continue for many more. For American men and women to die over this fighting for muslim females rights is a waste! Never have I seen so much crap about the muslims, Jihad and Sharia law until we elected the muslim Obama as our commander in chief. Let HIM and his family go to the muslim held countries and convert them all to the "moderate" muslim he insists are the majority now overrunning our country! They are not immigrants, they are possessors and have nothing but the desire to dominate us and kill all infidels...and if you are a non-muslim, that means YOU! If you have any idea this is not true, check it out in their quran and see what their goals are regarding world relations. Muslim is not a heritage, it is a religion and their religion bids them to kill and control! Wake up all true patriots and go look for the truth if you do not think any of this is factual!