80-year-old woman willing to go to jail for feeding ducks

Claire Butcher says winter is hard on the fowl at a pond near her house -- and they are God's creatures.

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“Since you have previously violated city ordinances, by feeding wildlife on these locations, your presence at these locations may be adverse to the purpose of city property and the health of its citizens,” the order states.

The order states that a violation of the No Trespass Order can result in a $100 fine or “by imprisonment of not more than 30 days or both.”

O’Connor says the 80-year-old is causing a public health nuisance by throwing “entire shopping carts full of bread” into ponds or parks, which attracts geese and ducks.

“She has no regard for her neighbors or for people who live in the area,” O’Connor said. “I understand she thinks she’s doing God’s work, but she’s taking it to the extreme.”

Ward 1 City Councilor Wayne Lozzi said when people feed ducks or geese at Flax Pond or other city ponds, particularly Canada geese, they end up staying there in large unhealthy numbers.



“When there’s literally 100 or more,” Lozzi said, “they’re overtaking our ball fields.”

Lozzi, who works for the state Department of Environmental Protection and considers himself “an environmentalist,” said he and other city officials have instituted a program of egg addling, using corn oil, so that the ducklings are aborted before they can hatch.

Claire said she sent a letter to both Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy and Police Chief Kevin Coppinger, complaining about her treatment.

“Do they think there’s no problems in Lynn that they have to chase after an 80-year-old woman?” she asked.

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Rob Kerby
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