80-year-old woman willing to go to jail for feeding ducks

Claire Butcher says winter is hard on the fowl at a pond near her house -- and they are God's creatures.


01/14/2012 01:24:18 PM

Geese are scary things, I wouldn't like to be one of those bully-boy City officials if the geese find out that their friend is being persecuted :(


01/14/2012 10:46:37 AM

When the lady passes away, someone else will come and take her place.


12/26/2011 11:56:34 AM

I feed the ducks. The lady has feelings for the ducks, geese and other creatures. Leave her alone... would love to see the negative people be confronted by animal lovers.


12/12/2011 09:54:45 PM

Personally the lady is a sweetheart! People that are kind hearted usually gets picked on by the big beaurcrats. They have stupid laws that need abolished and the ones that need addressed are always looked over so there is not a whole lot of difference. Mr.cleanseMart should check his spelling if he is going to address an old lady as such! How awful!


12/12/2011 04:12:42 PM

Personally, I have to admire this woman's spunk. ALL animals have had to share this planet since the beginning of time and for us as humans to think that we are so special that we can dictate where the other animals can or cannot congregate is pretty naive. Whether or not she was feeding them, there would likely be ducks at those ponds. The fact that she does shows a compassion that I would love to see more people practice! I agree with "amam" restrict your laws and ordinances to catching criminals that do real harm because it's asinine and petty to harass an old lady for feeding the birds. jwolski - "What happens when this woman passes away, moves, or goes to jail?" The ducks will move on someplace else. They're not stupid!


12/12/2011 01:19:24 PM

I respect that this woman *thinks* she is doing the right thing, but she is wrong nonetheless. Population control is important for all forms of life. What happens when this woman passes away, moves, or goes to jail? The pond will be packed with an abundance of ducks because they have learned that there is food in the pond. They will all starve to death. Overpopulation also leads to disease. People need to think before they act.


12/11/2011 02:02:28 AM

The State of Massachusetts allows gay marriage but will arrest an elderly person for feeding the ducks. What has happened to the American Civil Liberty Union? Are we going to be allowed to use the Bible in the Court Room much longer? Sodom where we get Sodomy is in the Bible. Do the gays who control many states in the northeastern US like this situation? Gays don't believe in Sodom or sodomy. Massachusette,New England and our nation needs to get its act together. We need a new Boston Tea Party.


12/10/2011 08:56:27 PM

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12/09/2011 11:06:45 AM

This woman subscribes to that most ignored belief prevalent to date and I do as well. All life is sacred because of the Divinity of the Earth itself. We were not charged by the Creator to do with the life on this planet as we wish, we were charged with tending it, nurturing it, allowing it to thrive. Yes I know there are creatures out there that are a menace but only if we, as human beings encroach into their territories, as we are so fond of doing. Certain populations are at risk of being extinct, like Grizzly bears, Black bears, and other various types of Bruin predators, Wolves are only a threat if forced to hunt for food outside their established territories, which we are further and further "developing" in the name of progress which is a guise for greed and profit. Human beings are like form of Mammalian virus, we move into a section of land, dig it up, re-tool it for our own personal gains, while doing this, we rob the other wildlife existing there of their homes, their feeding grounds, their very lives to the point of extinction. We need to remember what happened to the Buffalo, Passenger Pigeons, Dodo birds, and many other forms of life that have become extinct and now can only be seen in tightly controlled groups or in museums. The earth is their home as well as ours, but we keep forgetting that minute little fact in the name of corporate greed and self serving politics. Our Final Solution is to exterminate them if they no longer fit in OUR interpretation of how the environment should be, i.e. dog & cat over-populations. Perhaps someday, humans too, will find out what it is like to be on that side of the fence in a different position on the food chain.


12/09/2011 10:10:12 AM

What the !!!!. There are people killing and selling drugs! Waisting your time with an old lady who enjoys feeding ducks. Leave her alone! Spend your time by making a difference, getting murders and drug dealers off the street. Shame on YOU!!!!!