Foods Your Heart Will Love

Tired of being TOLD what you can't have? Your heart -- and your taste buds -- will thank you for eating these delicious and healthy foods.

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Alcohol (in moderation)

A glass of wine after a long day and a cold beer on a hot day are more than just an answer to a craving — they can be good for the heart too. A moderate amount of alcohol — one drink a day for women, and up to two drinks per day for men — can do the trick, according to research. If you’re not a fan of red wine, there’s no reason to worry. Despite what you may have heard, spirits, beer and other beverages have the some protective effects, according to Beck. Studies have shown that people who choose red wine tend to have other lifestyle factors working in their favour — like a higher income and eating more fruits and vegetables — so it’s difficult to tell where the real benefit is. But that’s not an excuse for young people to drink — the benefits only apply to middle aged and older people. There currently isn’t any evidence to suggest that drinking when you’re young will protect you later on, and binge drinking doesn’t have any health benefits.

A note of caution: Dieticians are cautious about advising people to drink on a daily basis. There are other factors to consider, such as calories, medications and certain medical conditions. Overall, there are many foods you can eat — and the possible combinations are endless. If these heart-healthy options are losing their appeal, it’s time for some new tricks (like a new cookbook) rather than abandoning what’s good for you. Look online for recipes and don’t be afraid to experiment with ingredients you haven’t tried before. Article courtesy of, where you’ll find thousands of articles on health, money, travel, lifestyle, work, relationships and more!

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