Ecstasy: Hope or Hallucination?

Is it possible that an illegal drug capable can actually offer hope?

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How did they do it?

Evidently methlenedioxymethamphetamine is attracted to the fat stored in diseased cells. As a result, the drug attaches itself to the fat, which in turn weakens the cell wall and, like the Itsy Bitsy Spider, the cancer cells are essentially “washed” away.

What does it all mean?

Laboratory findings indicate that leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma cells have been obliterated in test tube research. While this is promising news, the revamped designer drug still needs to be tested on laboratory rats and ultimately on humans. Researchers may be on to something here; however, an actual FDA-approved cure may still be years away. Nevertheless, the news is certainly worthy of excitement because the number of people with cancer–blood cancers in particular–is still on the rise. Most people know firsthand the ravages of cancer–whether you have lost a loved one, a friend, or perhaps you have recently received a diagnosed. Cancer is an evil disease that has cut short the lives of millions of people the world over. While no one is looking to offer up a false sense of hope in this situation, the reality to this hopeful prospect may still be some years in the making. If these many reports are true, and an illegal drug has the power to kill cancer, then ecstasy may have just legitimately earned its name.

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