Depression Busters

Depression touches many aspects of our lives. It affects our relationships, our health, our ability to work, and even our spirituality. With the right toolbox, however, you'll find ways to overcome everyday emotional struggles and find the peace you're seeking. Therese Borchard, author of the Beyond Blue blog, shares depression-busting tips for every step of your journey.

12 Depression Busters for the Unemployed

  The unemployment rate has skyrocketed to approximately 10 percent. Here, then, are 12 steps to bust your depression when you're unemployed.

12 Depression Busters for Men

 Six million men suffer from depression. These 12 techniques were written for men to address the hidden desperation so many feel.

12 Depression Busters for Divorce

  Follow these suggestions for preventing the depression that often accompanies divorce, and to keep your happiness level steady or maybe even higher than it is today!

12 Workplace Depression Busters

  If you feel depressed at work, you have more choices than silent tears or a rash "I quit." Learn 12 tips to bring joy and purpose back to your work day.

Depression Busters for Caregivers

 Lend a helping hand; use these depression-busting tips to help care for your loved ones.

12 Depression Busters for New Moms

 It's supposed to be the happiest time of your life, but many new moms struggle with postpartum depression. Try these techniques to get on the road to happy motherhood.

12 Depression Busters

  A toolbox of ways to overcome everyday emotional struggles and find peace.

12 Depression Busters for Seniors

  Many seniors suffer from depression, but there is a way out. Try these tips to get reconnected to joy and meaning in your senior years.

9 Holiday Depression Busters

  It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year--but not if negative emotions take hold of your holidays.

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What's Your Best Way to Beat the Blues?
Distraction; anything from a good comedy to a board game
Identifying my depression triggers and preparing as much as possible for them
Making sure I stay social and see my friends regularly
Taking a short break from my routine, like going for a walk or soaking in a bubble bath
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