Finding the Genius of Your Own Inner Guidance

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” – Albert Einstein

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Our culture today is experiencing more soul loss than any time in history.  We have become servants to the incessant noise and mental self-talk of the ego-mind without realizing what has happened or why we feel so fundamentally disconnected from life, empty of meaning, confused and fearful of our future, and deeply longing for something ineffable that we can’t even put our hands on:  our soulful authentic being!  We have become soulfully bankrupt as a culture without knowing how or why or what to do about it.

This loss of soul creates many (if not most/all) of the personal malaise we see  and experience in burgeoning numbers. When we are disenfranchised from our authentic self, our mind-body-soul connection is lost. We can easily see the resulting outcry of soul loss in our lives and those we love vis-a-vis: chronic depression and anxiety; loss of meaningful connection; inability to find self-love and acceptance; loss of peace; stressful choices driven by fear.

Here’s the wonderful amazing and great news: You already know your soul – you know your authentic self. You’ve just not remembered or been shown how to listen to and follow it in your every day real life.

We are not taught in our society today, the art of conscious self-realization and soulful living. Hell, we don’t even know there is such a thing to be taught! So it is of no surprise that you or I fail to realize that our mind has been in the driver’s seat and that this is causing the fundamental problem causing our sense of disenfranchisement from self!


The mind is, very simply, the wrong tool for accessing your inner wisdom and knowing self-guidance.  How can you awaken to your true nature and learn it’s wisdom? It is merely a matter of first, opening to the possibility that you have been going at your problems with the wrong tool. And then second, learning and experiencing how to listen again to the original language of wisdom and guidance: the language of your soul.

Here’s the amazing realization you will experience for yourself when you learn the art of placing soul and ego-mind in right relationship in your daily life:

Being awake to your soul’s wisdom and in right relationship with the mind, requires only one simple shift: an inward sense of engaged curiosity.

When you get curious, you begin to naturally let insight and decisions arise from a place of inner quiet (the still point before thought) through a creative process of building awareness. It’s like muscle building: If you don’t use it, you lose it. Awareness-building and spiritual toning is a real world daily way of living. If we don’t make curious awareness a part of our everyday life, then we really can’t be surprised when we feel lost, weak, confused and soulfully bankrupt!

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