Does Cancer Bring Spiritual Awakening?

When we face cancer, we often face our own mortality… and sometimes, that isn't a bad thing.


The diagnosis of cancer is the first step on a journey of trials and challenge. But what if the cancer experience could become a spiritual pilgrimage—the doorway to a season of growth and renewal?

Last fall, I was diagnosed with melanoma, one of the deadliest forms of cancer. Two surgeries later, I’ll be the first to admit: cancer was one of the scariest, most painful experiences in my life.


It was also one of the most profound.

Most folks, especially my physicians, will contend that traditional medicine was what cured me. I’ll agree with them—with one caveat. Because even though my surgeries worked—and for this I am utterly grateful—something else was at work, as well.

This was the miraculous healing energy of the Divine.

I say this, because at no time during my during my cancer journey was I ever alone or separate from the extraordinary presence of the Divine/One/All. During this time, via intensive and ongoing sessions of meditation and prayer, I experienced:



• Visions and messaging from Divine beings, assuring me that all was well.

• Visits from my departed father, who told me the same.

• A slew of what I can only peg as “miracles”, including healings and psychic surgeries from Divine beings

Even though what happened to me still lies outside of mainstream beliefs about healing, I believe that my experience is not uncommon—or need not be uncommon—for those who face cancer or life threatening illness.

When we are faced with our own mortality—which is exactly what happens when we face cancer or any other serious illness—we have the same experience as those who have Near Death Experiences (NDEs).

In other words, we become spiritually awake at a new level.

I had my first NDE in 2000, and this experience brought about the kind of opening in my consciousness that you often hear about from other folks who’ve had NDEs: I became awake very suddenly, and I also became psychic.

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Sara Wiseman
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