A Sweetener That Keeps Hair from Going Gray

Can it be true?? Read on to find out!

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There are many different kinds of molasses on the shelves at the grocery and health food stores. It’s important to get unsulphered blackstrap molasses, which is the kind with the most health benefits. Organic is best, because the cane syrup is boiled down three times to get to the blackstrap phase. If the syrup contains pesticides or other toxins, they will be concentrated in the finished product.

The downside of this healthy sugar? The taste. It is distinctive and many people don’t like it. Try working up to the taste by gradually substituting it for some of the sugar in recipes. Also, using it in herbal teas which have a strong or complementary flavor might help.


If you want the health benefits — or just want to see if it stops your hair from going gray, you can try a tonic. Here is a recipe I found for one:


1 tablespoon blackstrap molasses

hot water

3/4 cup milk


Put the molasses in a glass or cup and add just enough hot water to cover it. Stir until it dissolves and add milk and ice.

You can also just down a tablespoon of it, if you like the taste and/or are sufficiently tough. At any rate, the health benefits are great enough that I’m going to try it and see how I can work it into recipes.

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