Audio Meditation:
'Let Go, Let Go, Let Go'

Experience deep relaxation as you allow your body to journey to a place of healing and restoration.

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Meditation Transcript:
Hello. I'm Liz Owen, and I will be guiding you into a few minutes of deep relaxation. I hope this special time will allow you to find within yourself a source of restored energy and healing.

Begin by lying down comfortably on a mat or blanket. Support your head on a folded blanket so that your neck and throat are soft. And support your knees on a bolster to lengthen and release your spine.

Release your shoulders away from your neck and allow your arms and your legs to rest slightly away from your body.
Breathe softly and naturally, focusing your mind on the sensations in your body, as warm, nurturing breath flows into every part of yourself.

Follow your breath with your mind as it flows into your chest, your shoulders, your arms. Let go in your arms.
Feel softness and openness in the palms of your hands. Let go in your hands.

Follow your breath into your hips, through your legs and into your feet. Let go in your legs. Let go in your feet.

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Liz Owen
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