Meditation for a Happy New You

A five-minute guided meditation.



say goodbye to the hostilities and grudges of the past that fester inside you, and keep you from surrendering to all that is life-affirming and new. You can embrace lightness and freedom. You can begin again. And what better time to start than now? Begin by dimming the lights or lighting a candle. Sit in a favorite spot or get cozy in your chair, and take a few deep breaths. Let us begin.

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Take a few deep breaths and allow your body to take in all the air that it needs. Imagine your entire body softening.

Begin by thanking the divine for all the gifts in your life right now. Appreciating where we have been is a magical key to moving forward. Every situation and relationship from your past has taught you something useful, and has made you who you are today.

Now notice those things that have outlived their usefulness. What keeps you stuck? What stops you from living your deepest dreams? Recognize the obstacles to achieving the changes that you choose for your life. Begin to make mental notes of all of those things that you are ready to release.

Where are you still holding resentment toward another? Towards yourself?

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Rev. Vic Fuhrman & Barbara Biziou
Music by Barry Goldstein
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