The Language of Healing

How to use intuition to help relieve pain.

In our society we're too often separated from harmony with the natural world and ourselves. Healing is something we do when we get sick, not a way of life. Determining your stance on how you handle illness is pivotal, whether you get sick or not. Why? Because it crystallizes your priorities-not just about health issues but about how you face everything. How you cope with getting ill is how you cope with any stress. The difference may be that when your health is poor, the volume is turned up and your limits are stretched.

As a physician who specializes in teaching patients to listen to intuition-the body's own voice-I know how this can help you act on pain faster, and heal it. Intuition is a potent form of inner wisdom not mediated by the analytic mind. It's a still, small voice inside that we all have, though many of us haven't been taught to recognize it. You may experience intuition as gut feeling, a hunch, a knowing, or a snap-shot-like-flash. Pain is a type of intuition, a way of relocating you in your body so you know something is out of balance.

You can't heal your body unless you're in it. Most of us check out of our bodies from the moment we get sick. We feel pain and discomfort, we get scared, and we withdraw. We're out of our bodies so fast the last thing on our minds is to rally every ounce of awareness and energy to the part of us that most needs attention. Let me explain why this helps.


First, the more love and consciousness you bring to your body when it is ill, the better chance you have of mending it. Second, if you resist discomfort, it will persist. If you soften around it, it will lessen. In the Journal of Perinatal Education, Lamaze, a breath technique for softening pain during natural childbirth, has been documented to ease many mothers through labor. Success comes when the mothers relax with the pain instead of clenching around it.

This is a very different philosophy from just swallowing a pill, sitting back, and waiting for the pain to leave. If this is new for you, try it once, and see the results. No one wants to have pain, but sometimes we may be timid about trying something different. The beauty of listening to the intuitive language of pain and showering yourself with lovingkindness is that you will get results. Feel into the pain or illness. Listen to it. Learn from it. There's no guarantee your distress will miraculously lift, though it might. What will happen is that you will enter into a relationship with a force that will provide clues on how to heal.

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Dr. Judith Orloff
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