6. Ask for protection.
Silently call to Source (whatever you consider to be your Higher Power), and ask to be protected. “I call now to Source and ask to be protected with the highest love and light.”

7. Chant.
Raise and attune your vibration by chanting Aum (Om) seven times (Phonetically, this sounds like: AaaaUuuuMmmm).

8. Go through the ‘door.’
As you become more calm and centered, you will be able to sense the presence of your light body. This is readily achieved when the mind is quiet and the body relaxed. Focus your attention on your inner light body--the part of you that is pure spirit. While being cognizant of your light body, go to the doorway in your mind. The doorway is not necessarily a literal door. It is whatever image naturally appears to you. (Examples are seeing a color, an image such as a star filled sky, or an arched gateway). While aware of the presence of your light body, stand in front of the doorway that appears. Each time that you practice this, the same door will automatically be present. When you are ready, feel your light body going through this door. Be aware of entering through the gateway into a vast, timeless, space.

9. Invite in your spirit guides and angels.
Call on all of your guides and angels, and give them permission to be with you.

10. Personal Prayer.
Ask your spirit guides and angels for whatever you would like assistance with in your life. This is the opportunity to be specific in your requests for guidance.

11. Ask For a Sign.
Ask your guides to show you a sign that they are here with you. (Do not request a specific sign; be open to any indication of their presence.)

12. Ask For a Message.
Ask your guides if they have a message for you. (Allow enough time to receive an impression from spirit, and be open to any indication of their presence.)

13. Thank your guides and angels.
When you feel that you have completed your contact with your guides, thank them for having been with you.

14. Return.
Slowly, come back to the doorway in your mind. Reenter through the same doorway. Gradually become aware of your physical form. Proceed at whatever pace is comfortable for you. You will increasingly become aware of both your physical body and your surroundings. Taking as much time as you need, return to an awareness of your physical body. Open your eyes whenever you are ready.

Do not be concerned if you feel light-headed for a while. This is a normal occurrence after going into a trance. Get up and walk around, eat something, and/or drink water to help you return to your normal consciousness.

15. Make it a part of your everyday life.
The most important way to open a path for spirit to reach you is to be consistent in your effort to contact them daily. By having regular contact, you not only increase your faith and awareness of their presence, but an ongoing dialogue can occur. At the very least, open yourself each day to receive empowerment, healing, and channeled guidance. There is a need to restore yourself each day and to open to see if there is any information spirit has for you. Making this contact a part of your daily life, is essential to quality communication between you and your guides. When the flow of communication is open on a regular basis, you will be available to receive messages whenever spirit wishes to reach you and whenever you wish to reach them as well.

Asandra is an artist and channel with an international clientele. Her book, Contact your Spirit Guides, will be available, Spring 2011, from Schiffer Publishing. Learn more about Asandra by visiting online at Asandra.com and Theguidedpath.net.

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