Healing Power of Birthstones


Birthstone for August - Peridot

August’s birthstone, peridot, is formed deep within the earth where it absorbs mystical and healing powers. In Hawaii, peridot is known as the “tears of Pele,” the goddess of volcanoes and fire, because it is found in molten lava. In the Middle Ages, Crusaders brought peridot to Europe from Egypt where it has been mined for over 3,500 years. Peridot exists in shades from lemon-green to olive, but bright lime is the most treasured.

Peridot is considered a visionary stone, bringing wearers an understanding of their existence and destiny. The calming color of this gemstone contains a joyful energy that helps build strong friendships, achieve marital fidelity, ward off anger and jealousy, and bring about a sense of peace. Wearing peridot can also increase confidence, patience, and assertiveness. As a healing stone, peridot reduces stress, purifies the blood, encourages tissue regeneration, aids in digestion, and wards off fever. Wearing peridot can aid those seeking to rejuvenate their life and discover their true destiny.

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