Healing Power of Birthstones

Every month is associated with its special birthstone. Learn how to bring the magical and healing powers of birthstones into your life.


01/14/2010 03:04:27 PM

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01/12/2010 11:10:06 AM

Wow - The stupidest article for the year and so early. Keep up the good work...


01/10/2010 07:23:30 PM

"Today diamonds are prized as the symbol of love and commitment and the promise of everlasting devotion—which is why it's part of most engagement and wedding rings." actually, the stones we now recognize is something from the Victorian era. The reason for diamonds being so used for engagement and weddings is the push, by the diamond companies, so people will think that AND, they spend millions to have people think this. While very beautiful, one can literally spend a fortune on them but if you try to see it, you'll get pennies for the dollar. The diamond market is artificially inflated. Before anyone get the impression that i'm poo-pooing this article, i'm not. I use stone for many things be it healing or magick.


01/08/2010 03:59:36 PM

This was fascinating to read. I sent the March section to my mom to read and paid special attention to September and December (my fiance's and my birthdays respectively) I also have a sapphire in my engagement ring as opposed to the traditional diamond that everyone else seems to have. :)