Spirit of the Olympics 2006

Glimpsing the Divine Through Sports
A former Olympics-level athlete faced the joys and agonies of competition--and learned there's more to sports than the physical.

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Apolo Anton Ohno: 'I Feel the Ice'
Apolo Anton Ohno uses meditation, imagery, and his love of the sport to lead the international pack of speed skaters.

Sasha Cohen: Ice Capades
The feisty figure skater's road to the 2002 Olympics.

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Loving Competition
A daughter learns about competing and connecting from her mother.

Spirit of the Games
Some see sports as a religion. How do religions see sports?

The Awe of Being Human
Spiritual lessons learned at the Olympics.

Playing in the Zone
Why sports are spiritual

Rekindling Passion for G-d
A spiritual lesson learned at the Olympics

What You Can Learn From Olympic Trainers
No matter what sport you play, you can benefit from visualization and sound nutritional habits.

Too Competitive?
A child is asked to leave a religiously oriented school for turning apple picking and sledding into competitive events.

Gandhi and Tiger Woods
Exploring the natural links between spirituality and golf

Needling Tennis Champs
Both Pete Sampras and Venus Williams recently used acupuncture to help heal tennis injuries.

Keeping the Thoroughbred World on Track
Behind the racing game's big purses and glamour crowds, there's plenty of room for extending a helping hand.

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