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Deepak Chopra, M.D., a leader in the field of mind-body medicine, has written more than 45 books on everything from health to happiness.

Your First Kiss Lives On
The renowned doctor talks about what happens after death and why everything--even your first kiss--has an afterlife.

A New Age of Peace
In his book "Peace Is the Way" Deepak Chopra explains how a global shift in consciousness will bring an end to war.

Spirituality in a Material World
Awareness isn't something you achieve, says Deepak Chopra. It's what happens when you stop trying so hard.

Getting Off the Karmic Cycle
Deepak Chopra talks about fate, the Holocaust and the morality of love in discussing "Mystic River."

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Our Body Is a Field of Ideas
We all have the power to influence our physical health.

As is the Atom, So is the Universe
The biological rhythms of our bodies are mirrors of rhythms of the universe.

How you think about time will affect your health.

Linear time is an illusion of the mind; only eternity exists.

Your cells are constantly reinventing you.

How do you make the right choice? Pay attention to how you feel.

In your willingness to give and receive, you keep the abundance of what the universe has to offer circulating in your life.

True success is measured by how efficiently we learn to co-create with the universe.

An ancient Indian tale, told by Deepak Chopra in 12 parts, gives a human face to the abstract questions of life, death, and destiny.

In part one of this Indian tale, Savitri discovers her daunting task: to defeat Yama, the lord of death.

Savitri learns Ramana's view that death is but a "rumor."

Ramana tells Savitri of his own past encounter with Yama, the death lord.

Savitri contemplates whether death is her husband's fate.

Savitri learns that death traps us only if we allow it to.

Savitri sees ghosts of her former self.

Savitri learns that though a soul is invisible, it is real.

Ramana tells Savitri of the different meanings of illusions.

Savitri learns about the greediness of death and the value of impermanence.

Savitri hopes her husband has survived a devastating storm.

Savitri understands the message of the divine plan.

In this final installment, Deepak Chopra shares how he thinks Savitri's story ends.

On divine intelligence, the human genome, and the afterlife