Goldie: Buddhist, Jew, Jesus Freak

'For the rest of my life, everything I do has to be with good intentions.'

I find the exercise of visualizing light around people very difficult. Do you?

It's a part of your brain that can be developed. You just need to work that area and lighten it up and it comes with practice. But the intention is what's important, and if you stay in the intention of forgiveness, then you can achieve it. Forgiveness has been easy for me, though I've been practicing for quite a long time. But I am not somebody who holds onto anger or grudges.

For instance, you go through a divorce. There is so much built-up anger because you have spent so much time saying the things you wanted to say, losing yourselves in the relationship, the person screwing around on you, being untrue, feeling bamboozled, whatever, and you end up holding onto this frustration especially if you've got children. I went through that.

"And then the police said, 'Oh Goldie, we didn't know you were here.'"
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    But I didn't want my children to experience this negativity because it wasn't theirs to experience. And I witnessed a lot of mothers speaking against the fathers of their children and no matter what you go through, there was something that ran up my spine and an inner voice would say, "Wait a minute, are you doing this for

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    Interview by Deborah Caldwell
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