But you did jump him. (Laughs)

I did jump him.

I love that story.

But not until we started working together, and I started building this connection to him. Watching him with my children. Watching how he worked. Watching how he approached his job. Watching how he approached his own son out of his broken marriage. Seeing this incredible parent, this love, this inner stability-and then he was so damn handsome and so cute and so everything that it all rolled up into one moment after our very first date.

How long did that take, to get to the first date? could have taken 2 weeks, 3 weeks, something like that. And it was a date with the pretension to go out to learn to dance and do the jitterbug, which we didn't even have to do in the movie. He ended up taking me to the Playboy Club, which had a big band but no dancing. And we talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and then when the night was over, we had nowhere to go. I was living in my mother's apartment because my house had been flooded at the beach and my new house being remodeled. He was living with his sister because-

Wait, a minute, aren't you guys movie stars?

Exactly! We had no place to go-it was a riot. So we then said, "What do we do now?" Everything was closing. We thought, "Well, we could get a beer and go up to Mulholland Drive or something." And I said, "You know, why don't I show you my new house? I'm redoing it, but I'll show you where I live." I walked in through the back door, and then I got so excited that I jumped on his back like a kid and said, "Isn't this great?!"

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He just was blown away. It was like I was attacking him. Then we went upstairs and I showed him the whole house--we walked around and and we're in the bedroom and it was dark-and that was it. We just, in that moment in time, had the most beautiful lovemaking experience-and as fate would have it, in the exact same spot as our bed was when we conceived (our son) Wyatt.

And after it was finished we went and sat on the top steps, the two of us, and I said, "Well, let's pretend we live here now and what would we do? What would be the first move after the act of love?" And he said, "I think I would go downstairs and get some cookies." And I said, "Me too." At which point the police came because I had broken into the house. I guess the alarm went off, or something triggered it-it was a silent alarm. The police came in and saw us sitting there, me with my jeans half-zipped up and I looked down and said, "Oh, this is my house." And then the police said, "Oh Goldie, we didn't know you were here." I said, "I'm just showing him around." I was so embarrassed!

I'll bet they were more embarrassed.

I'm sure they were. Anyway, they were awfully cute and they left. We didn't want to leave each other, and at the end of the next day we ended up checking into the Holiday Inn. We just checked in to the Holiday Inn. The whole thing was just too much fun. And then when I had to leave that weekend, he dropped me off back at my mom's.

How old were your kids then?

Katie was three and Oliver was five.

What I thought was that I would never find a man who loved my children as much as I did. And I actually did--my prayers were answered.

Does Kurt have a spiritual practice?

His is being out in nature. He can sit out and look at the lake for hours. It's an interesting mind; it's not very tumultuous.

So do you have an "interfaith" relationship?

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