Investing With Conscience

Links to selected religious and general socially conscious mutual funds and indexes.


Are you looking for a way to merge your faith with your financial decisions? Investment in religion-based and socially conscious mutual funds is on the rise. The following is a list of selected religious and other socially-conscious mutual funds. Check with each fund to determine exact screening policies.

Selected Religious Funds


Aquinas Funds

Catholic values mutual funds. Screens out companies that profit from tobacco, weapons, and certain other products and services. Supports the environment, human rights, and employment.

Carlisle Social Investments

Carlisle's funds, the Carlisle Catholic U.S. Market Index and the Catholic Small Cap Index, comply with the Catholic Bishops Investment Guidelines for screening and advocacy.

Catholic Values Investment Trust

Invests according to the values of the Catholic Church.

Christian Science

American Trust Allegiance Fund

Has Christian Science-related screens. Avoids alcohol, gambling, tobacco, pharmaceutical, medical diagnostic services, and other health care industries.

Other Christian

Capstone Social Ethics & Religious Values Fund

Invests according to Seventh-Day Adventist principles. Screens out companies that profit from alcohol, tobacco, gambling, caffeine, meat, and pornography.

Christian Stewardship Funds

Mutual funds reflecting evangelical Christian values.

Lutheran Brotherhood

Screens out companies that profit from alcohol, tobacco, and gambling.

MMA Praxis Mutual Funds

Invests according to Anabaptist Christian beliefs, including Amish and Mennonite principles. Supports the environment, employment, and human rights. Screens out companies that profit from weapons, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, nuclear power, and other services.

Noah Fund

Invests according to Christian biblical principles. Screens out companies that profit from alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pornography, and abortion-related products and services.

Timothy Plan

Invests according to conservative Judeo-Christian values. Screens out companies that profit from or support abortion, pornography, anti-family entertainment, non-married lifestyles, alcohol, tobacco, and gambling.


Amana Mutual Funds Trust

"Halal investing"--invests according to Islamic principles. Screens out companies who profit from alcohol, gambling, and pornography, and non-Islamic banks. Avoids interest.

Azzad Asset Management

Family of halal funds that includes the Azzad/Dow Jones Ethical Market Fund, the Azzad Income Fund, and the Azzad Growth Funds. Invests according to Islamic principles, by avoiding interest income and screening out companies that profit from alcohol, pork products, tobacco, and other screens.


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