“Dear Abbot: What is your view on interfaith relationships?” The remarkable Monks of the Desert, make their major label debut on Sony Masterworks with an album of Gregorian chant, Blessings, Peace and Harmony. Named after Pope Gregory I, Gregorian chant involves the early Christian liturgical music that originated in medieval times and forms the roots of Western classical music. About the Monks: The Monastery of Christ in the Desert is located completely “off-the-grid” in the stunning Chama Canyon wilderness in northwestern New Mexico, about 75 miles north of Santa Fe. When not praying or studying, the monks run a multitude of self-sustaining businesses including light manufacturing, brewing beer (Monk’s Ale & Monk’s Wit), an on-site “hotel,” community thrift store in Santa Fe and a separate retail store specializing in hand-crafted religious items, books, music and folk art.

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