How Competitive Are You?
With two weeks of Olympic coverage about to start--not to mention the beginning of NFL football and the climax of the baseball season--it's a good time to measure your competitiveness. Take the following quiz and find out if you assiduously avoid competition or drive yourself crazy with it.
Q1. A friend challenges you to accompany him or her in a 10K race being held in one month. You:
1. Start dieting and training to make sure you run impressively.
2. Plan to fake an ankle injury if you become tired or falter during the race.
3. Buy really snazzy sports apparel to look great.
4. Do your best but don't care how you finish.
Q2. You go to a game to root for your favorite team. The fan next to you is rooting for the other team and shouting insults against your team. You:
1. Punch the loudmouth creep out.
2. Shout insults against his team.
3. Look around to see if there's another seat you can move to.
4. Ignore him.
Q3. You go to watch your 9-year-old, or a close friend's 9-year-old, play soccer. The referee is clearly favoring the other team. You:
1. Become agitated and scream abuse.
2. Try to stop the game to discuss this with the referee.
3. Ignore it so that the kids don't get upset, too.
4. Afterward, explain to the 9-year-old that being neutral is a skill, and perhaps the referee just wasn't skilled enough.
Q4. You're watching the Olympics on TV. As athletes from various nations perform, you:
1. Root exclusively for the Americans.
2. Root mainly but not exclusively for Americans.
3. Root for whoever seems interesting.
4. Don't root, just want to see inspiring performances.
Q5. You take your child, or a friend's child, to register for a sports league. It turns out the league is divided into both serious and just-for-fun levels of play. You:
1. Choose the serious level and ask for the team with the toughest coach and longest practices.
2. Choose the fun level, so the child won't be outplayed by other, better children.
3. Choose the serious level if the child has sports aptitude.
4. Leave the decision to the child.
Q6. There are 30 seconds left in a really good football game that's going down to the wire. The network breaks into the game for a news bulletin about hostage negotiations in Kazakhstan. You:
1. Go berserk and scream at the TV.
2. Race to the radio to see if you can pick up the play-by-play.
3. Hope they get through the news bulletin quickly.
4. Pause to pray for the hostages.
Q7. Your favorite team loses a critical game when the officials obviously blow a call in the final seconds. You:
1. Become really upset and can't sleep that night.
2. Assume the officials had hidden ulterior motives.
3. Call another fan to commiserate.
4. Are annoyed but shrug it off.
Q8. In a pick-up basketball game, one of the other players is acting like a complete jerk--playing dirty, cursing, hogging the ball, spoiling it for everyone. You:
1. Wait for the right moment and nail the jerk with a really painful elbow.
2. Curse right back and try to ostracize the jerk.
3. Ask the jerk to leave the game.
4. Leave the game yourself.
Q9. You're the coach of a youth sports team that has two clumsy kids who don't play well. It's the last game of the season, and you need a victory to finish with a winning record. You:
1. Play the best players only. Hey, nobody said life was fair.
2. Play the best players, but explain to the clumsy kids that it's a team game and all members of the team get the same credit.
3. Put the clumsy kids in briefly.
4. Play everyone an equal amount.
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