Which Archangel Are You?

In times of trouble, people look to good luck charms, books of faith, or angels to guard them against further misfortune. The four archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel are the most popular guardians for those who pray for help. Each archangel has its own special characteristics. Find out the archangel with whom you share a closer spiritual connection.
Q1. How would you like your closest spiritual friends to see you?
1. A courageous risk-taker who is a great partner on adventurous trips
2. A charming talker who is the life of every party
3. A tranquil presence who can stay calm in the midst of danger
4. A knowledgeable healer who knows the best herbs for cures
Q2. If you created an organization for angels, which logo would you use?
1. A staff wrapped with serpents
2. A strong silver sword
3. A hand holding a flame
4. A pure white lily
Q3. Which of these colors makes you feel the most spiritually peaceful?
1. Red
2. White
3. Blue
4. Green
Q4. If you could be the patron saint of any of these groups, which would it be?
1. Nurses, pharmacists, and travelers
2. Sailors, soldiers, and security guards
3. Poets, musicians, and nature lovers
4. Diplomats, ambassadors, and broadcasters
Q5. Which of these elements represents your zodiac sign?
1. Water
2. Fire
3. Earth
4. Air
Q6. How would you like your name to be interpreted?
1. God is my light
2. God is my strength
3. Healer of God
4. He who is like God
Q7. Which of the following career paths would be most spiritually fulfilling to you?
1. An influential environmentalist
2. A life-saving physician
3. A headline-grabbing journalist
4. A courageous police officer
Q8. The season that makes you feel most in tune with angels is:
1. Fall
2. Winter
3. Spring
4. Summer
Q9. Which religious story, canonical and apocrypha, would you want to be remembered by?
1. Serving as a guide for Tobias, a devout man, and healing a blind beggar
2. Announcing the conception of Jesus to the Virgin Mary
3. Defeating Satan (in the guise of a red serpent) in Heaven
4. Explaining seven visions from God to the prophet Ezra
Q10. What compass direction do you follow when traveling to your house of worship?
1. North
2. South
3. East
4. West
Q11. Which day of the week do you say your prayers the most?
1. Wednesday
2. Monday
3. Friday
4. Sunday
Q12. Firefighters are at the scene of a burning house, but a child is still shouting "Help!" from the house. Your first instinct is to:
1. Jump into the fiery house to find and rescue the child
2. Stand back and observe the events to write in a story later
3. Start getting medical supplies ready for the child after rescue
4. Start praying with the child's parents for safe rescue


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