Quiz: Are You Commitment-Phobic?

Do you run from serious relationships or come across as too hungry for love? Take this quiz to see if your commitment level needs adjusting.

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Q1. What would happen if your level of interest and your partner's were placed on either side of a seesaw?
1. My side would clunk to the ground. I'm more ready to get serious.
2. The scale would settle right in the middle.
3. I'd be way up in the air. My partner's interest outweighs mine.
Q2. In a familiar movie scene, the bride or groom bolts on the way to the altar. A scene like this makes you think:
1. What a good idea--keeping cab fare tucked in her shoe.
2. That's how my last two relationships ended.
3. Leave it to Hollywood to create an unrealistic scene like that.
Q3. You're set up on a blind date and have a great time. You write in your diary:
1. I shouldn't call him (her) back. Nothing can be this perfect.
2. I'd better not sign the lease on my apartment next month because I'll probably be getting married in the fall.
3. I can't wait to see him (her) again next weekend.
Q4. When the idea of meeting your partner's parents comes up, you usually feel:
1. Extreme elation.
2. Slightly nervous, but excited.
3. A queasy stomach and a sense of dread.
Q5. You get a loving e-mail message from someone you're dating. You think:
1. This really makes my day.
2. I could never love anyone who uses so many exclamation marks.
3. Wow! I'll forward this to my mom. She'll be so thrilled.

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