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"The Chronicles of Narnia" series highlight timeless themes of loyalty, honesty, and morality. In "Prince Caspian," the Pevensie children are back in a divided Narnia to make new friends, meet Aslan once again, and help the rightful heir, Caspian, reclaim his throne. Take our quiz to find out which character you resemble the most in this particular story.

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  • Q1. You hear that a friend's in trouble. Your gut reaction is:
    1. I want to help...but I'm not sure I'm the right person for this.
    2. I immediately call close friends to rally together and help.
    3. I feel awful for my friend, but it's too much pressure for me to get involved.
    4. It's not that I want to destroy the friendship, but....I don't have the time to help.
    5. Of course I'll help, but can I really do it all on my own?
    6. I am the first person by my friend's side, ready to help without complaint.
    Q2. You see a TV commercial about sponsoring a needy child in Africa. What goes through your mind?
    1. Friends and family have always looked to me to set an example. I must help.
    2. Maybe someday I will help those children, but for now, I need to focus on my own needs.
    3. I keep the needy in my thoughts and prayers, give to charities regularly, and volunteer from time to time.
    4. How awful for those poor children! But there must be enough people helping the children in Africa.
    5. I need to help end the suffering, but where do I start?
    6. Those children desperately need my help! Where is my check book?
    Q3. You can afford to give your annual charity donation or buy the new iPod you've been eyeing. What do you do?
    1. I have more than enough money to make a donation and buy an iPod for myself.
    2. I will donate most of the money, but I will save the rest for an iPod.
    3. I'll definitely give money to the charity, but I will secretly pine away for the iPod.
    4. I will donate money and an iPod to charity.
    5. I've never failed to donate and I won't start now; the charity is depending on me.
    6. I feel guilty about this, but...hello iPod, good-bye charity.
    Q4. You're involved in a religious or community organization--and you're asked to be president for the year. Do you accept?
    1. I can think of no greater privilege, but first I will make sure there is no one else qualified to serve.
    2. Sure, I'll be president, but I'm delegating all the responsibility and taking credit for the success.
    3. Who, me? Definitely not--I'd prefer to take on a lesser role.
    4. I'm not sure I'm ready, but...I think it's definitely time for change.
    5. I'll do it, so that I can do good. Plus, it also feels great to be in charge for once.
    6. Yes, of course. Everyone's looking to me to take on this responsibility.
    Q5. A dog is in the middle of the street, about to be hit by a car. You're standing at the curb. What do you do?
    1. I'll look to see first who is around and wait for other people's directions.
    2. I will look quickly around to see if others are around. If not, I will run to the dog.
    3. Anything for my own dog...for others, I will call for help and move on.
    4. I need a moment to think...I hope that delay doesn't ruin my chances when I snap into action to save the dog.
    5. Shout for help as I run as fast as I can into the street.
    6. There is no time to think or ask for help--I must save that dog.
    Q6. A friend calls to tell you she experienced a miracle. What's your reaction?
    1. Miracles? I guess it's possible, but I would tell my friend she probably imagined it.
    2. I rejoice and clap my hands because miracles happen every single day!
    3. I tell my friend how excited I am for and wish I had encountered the miracle.
    4. I doubt a little, but since she is my friend, I know she would never lie.
    5. I've never experienced a miracle, but I've heard other stories about them so my friend must be telling the truth.
    6. I laugh at how naive my friend can be. In my heart I wonder why I've never experienced a miracle.
    Q7. Your community is debating a controversial issue you feel passionately about. How do you express your opinion?
    1. We must do something, but I am unsure if we have the strength or the numbers to act.
    2. I will say what I think, but not so loudly or clearly. I might let others overrule me.
    3. I will remain quiet until I see how many other people agree with me. Then, I'll join in the conversation.
    4. There is no doubt we must take action, and I will lead the way, but first we must have a solid plan.
    5. I don't care who agrees or not--we must meet the challenge head-on immediately!
    6. My life is busy enough. I don't see myself getting involved in causes, despite my passionate feelings.
    Q8. You wake up on a random weekday to find out your office is closed and you have the day off. How do you spend it?
    1. I might browse a few bookstores, catch up with friends, or go to the movie theater.
    2. I had been planning to volunteer at the nearest homeless shelter for a day.
    3. I would immerse myself in new hobbies, like fencing.
    4. I might go to a local bar or cafe to people watch and make new friends.
    5. I would go to the zoo and spend the day learning about all the different animals.
    6. I would forget my to-do list and ignore the phone, in case someone is calling for a favor.
    Q9. You are offered a new job. What's your LEAST important priority in deciding whether to take it?
    1. Will I have to train or look after anyone?
    2. Will I be treated as an inferior by my new coworkers?
    3. Will I be able to do as little work as possible?
    4. Will I have to be the leader on any projects?
    5. Will I make enough money or need to make new friends?
    6. Will it offer me a good balance between work and home?
    Q10. You mistakenly get mail marked "Extremely Urgent" that's addressed to your rude and awful neighbors. What do you do?
    1. I'll give it to them only if they come and ask for it. Otherwise, I've got better things to do than help them.
    2. I would call some friends and ask for their opinion before doing anything.
    3. I wouldn't do it on my own--I would probably give it to someone else to return.
    4. There is no doubt that the only honorable thing to do is give the letter.
    5. I would give the letter back because others are looking up at me to set a good example.
    6. I would think about it and set it aside for later but ultimately forget about it.
    Q11. What is your relationship like with your siblings?
    1. We are really close. I look after them as much as possible.
    2. We're close, but I hate to take care of younger siblings.
    3. We're sort of close, but I often feel left out.
    4. I think we're close, but I get annoyed when everyone treats me like a child.
    5. Very close, agreeable, and extremely loyal to each other.
    6. I have no siblings, but I wish I had someone to share a bond.
    Q12. What would you say is your best quality?
    1. I accept everyone, no matter how different they are from me.
    2. If someone needs me, I am the first to help out.
    3. Those I love can always count on my unwavering loyalty.
    4. Once I learn my lesson, I never make the same mistake.
    5. I have great empathy; I never like to see anyone hurt.
    6. I always try to set a good example for others to follow.


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