Quiz: Religion & Mythology in Narnia

You've aced our Narnia trivia quiz and know which character you're most like. But how well do you know the religious and mythological references in "The Lion, the Witch..."? Take this quiz and find out!

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Q1. In Narnia, human beings are known as this:
1. Manchild
2. Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve
3. Children of the Lord
4. Earthmen/Earthwomen
Q2. Upon entering the wardrobe, the first character Lucy meets is Mr. Tumnus, a goat/human mix, who is similar to this Roman god:
1. Syrinx
2. Vulcan
3. Hephaestus
4. Faunus
Q3. Aslan, the Great Lion, represents this figure:
1. Archangel Gabriel
2. Moses
3. Jesus
4. Zeus
Q4. The White Witch is the daughter of a giant and this apocryphal first wife of Adam, spoken of in Hebrew mythology:
1. Lilith
2. Hagar
3. Jezebel
4. Sara
Q5. Like this monster from Greek mythology, the White Witch turns her enemies, and those who simply displease her, into stone:
1. Medusa
2. Scylla
3. Polyphemus
4. Charybdis
Q6. Though most often compared to Judas, Edmund is more like this figure, since he received Aslan's forgiveness and then rules Narnia:
1. King David
2. Mohammed
3. Peter
4. Paul
Q7. While at Mr. and Mrs. Beaver's house, the children have a hearty meal, featuring this common Christian symbol:
1. Eggs
2. Fish
3. Chocolate Bunnies
4. Wafers & Wine
Q8. Aslan asks these two children to comfort him the night before his death, just as Jesus gathered his disciples in the garden of Gethsemane:
1. Edmund and Peter
2. Peter and Susan
3. Edmund and Lucy
4. Lucy and Susan
Q9. Upon Aslan's death, the Stone Table on which he is sacrificed splits in two, mirroring this biblical occurrence:
1. The shattering of the tablet of the Ten Commandments
2. The rending of the Temple curtain upon Jesus' death
3. The parting of the Red Sea
4. The division Original Sin caused between man and God
Q10. The Stone Table, covered with ancient runes, is representative of this:
1. The altar in the Temple in Jerusalem
2. The Wailing Wall
3. The tablets of the Ten Commandments
4. The Ka'bah
Q11. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe could best be described as this genre of Christian literature:
1. A Passion Play
2. A Confessional
3. An Apologetic
4. Hagiography
Q12. Who gives Peter, Lucy and Susan weapons and tools to use in the fight against the White Witch?
1. Farsight the Eagle
2. Father Time
3. Mr. Beaver
4. Father Christmas


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