Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Kung Fu?

In the movie Kung Fu Panda, a panda bear named Po has to learn the martial art of Kung Fu in order to help defend The Valley of Peace from an evil snow leopard, Tai Lung. How much do you know about Kung Fu? Take this quiz.

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Q1. Kung fu is often confused with what other Chinese martial art?
1. Jujitsu
2. Tae kwon do
3. Wushu
4. Hapkido
Q2. Like Po, students of kung fu learn about the concept of "Chi." What does Chi mean?
1. Spirit
2. Energy
3. Force
4. Intention
Q3. Which of these forms of martial arts is also an Olympic sport?
1. Judo
2. Krav maga
3. Sumo wrestling
4. Kung fu
Q4. Kendo is a combination of martial arts and what other sport?
1. Archery
2. Fencing
3. Wrestling
4. Pole-vaulting
Q5. What kind of weapon (sometimes used in martial arts) is a bo?
1. A long stick
2. A club
3. A sword
4. A scythe
Q6. Which of these is not a "Morality of the Mind" principle in kung fu?
1. Will
2. Patience
3. Endurance
4. Strength
Q7. When are weapons allowed in kung fu?
1. Never
2. If you've been properly trained
3. Only when supervised by a teacher
4. Always
Q8. Which of these martial arts did not originate in Asia?
1. Kung fu
2. Tae kwon do
3. Pankration
4. Muay thai
Q9. A judo move where one of the fighters flips over is named after what animal?
1. Rabbit
2. Panda
3. Eagle
4. Turtle
Q10. Which of these religions is not traditionally associated with one or more forms of martial arts?
1. Hinduism
2. Taoism
3. Shinto
4. Buddhism


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