The Spirituality of Indiana Jones

Adventurer Indiana Jones has left us perched on the edge of our seat throughout the Indiana Jones movies. But "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "Temple of Doom," "The Last Crusade" and the new "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" are more than just action-packed movies--they are highly spiritual films from which we can learn a lot about religion. How much do you know about Indy spirituality? Take our quiz and find out.
Q1. In "Raiders of the Lost Ark," Indy finds the lost Ark of the Covenant. Which is not a common theory about the Ark's fate?
1. The Ark was removed from the physical realm by God
2. The Ark was destroyed by the Babylonians
3. Titus desecrated the Ark so he could melt its gold for whatever use he chose
4. Following the Crusades, Templars delivered the Ark to the French province Languedoc
Q2. The "Sankara Stones" that evil priest Mole Ram is searching for in "The Temple of Doom" have three painted lines representing:
1. The three levels of the Hindu universe
2. The three castes found in Hinduism
3. The three stages of life: birth, living, death
4. The three faces of the Goddess Kali: mother, father, child.
Q3. "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" was inspired by a real-life Mayan legend in which 13 skulls are said to do what when united:
1. Bring together people of all religions
2. Save the world from a catastrophe
3. Destroy the universe
4. Create other planets
Q4. What is Indy's rationale for deciding which cup is the true Grail?
1. He chooses the most ornate cup; the only one suitable for a "king of men"
2. He chooses a cup that appears to bear blood stains
3. He chooses the simplest and most modest cup; the only one "fit for a carpenter"
4. He guesses at random, expressing faith that God will guide him to the right cup
Q5. In "The Last Crusade" Indy must step on lettered tiles to spell out "the name 'Jehovah.'" Which letter should he've stepped on first?
1. H
2. I
3. J
4. G
Q6. Indy must outwit a Nazi regime to find the Ark of the Covenant. According to the Bible, who did God instruct to build that ark?
1. King Solomon
2. Moses
3. Adam and Eve
4. Noah
Q7. Many Hindus and Indians were outraged with "Temple of Doom" (it was banned in India for a time) saying it was offensive because:
1. The film wrongly depicted the Hindu Goddess Kali as a bloodthirsty deity
2. Indiana Jones, a white man, had to save Indians from their misfortune
3. Hindus, such as the villain Mole Ram, were portrayed in a grotesque spiritual light
4. All of the above
Q8. In Venice, on whose tomb do Indy and Elsa find the complete stone tablet that will lead them to Indy's father?
1. Teddy Jones, Indy's great-great-grandfather
2. Sir Richard, a First Crusade knight
3. King Arthur, who ruled Camelot
4. Petrarch, the Renaissance poet
Q9. To find his father, Indy also has to find the Holy Grail. According to legend, what is commonly identified as the Holy Grail?
1. A cup or a dish Jesus used during the Last Supper
2. The platter used to hold the severed head of John the Baptist
3. The sword Archangel Michael used to defeat Satan
4. One of the winged cherubim that decorated the Ark of the Covenant
Q10. In "Raiders of the Lost Ark," what is the reason the Nazi regime wants to possess the ark?
1. To build an indestructible army
2. To have eternal life
3. To have endless wealth
4. To add to Hitler's artifact collection
Q11. Villain Mole Ram makes human sacrifices to appease the Hindu Goddess Kali. But, in Hinduism, Kali is actually revered as:
1. The Goddess of Love
2. The Goddess of Fertility
3. The Goddess of Transformation: The cycle of life and death
4. The Goddess of Death and Destruction
Q12. The ark was built to store important Hebrew relics—a jar of manna from heaven and Aaron's rod. What else was stored there?
1. The basket baby Moses was transported in down the Nile
2. The rainbow-colored coat given to Joseph
3. The original apple Adam and Eve ate in the garden
4. The broken tablets of the Ten Commandments


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