Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Superhero Spirituality?

Many comic book characters--the good and bad alike--either overtly or subtly express a religious affiliation. How much do you know about the spirituality of superheroes (we've thrown in a couple of bad guys for good measure)? Take our quiz.

Research information courtesy of Adherents.com.
Q1. Many speculate that Spider-Man is strongly influenced by this faith, just like his Aunt May:
1. Protestant
2. Eastern Orthodox
3. Unitarian Universalist
4. Jehovah's Witness
Q2. While living in her native Themyscira, in which way did Wonder Woman explicitly practice her Greco-Roman classical religion:
1. By offering up fruit to the gods every spring
2. By going to the Olympian temple daily to give thanks to the gods
3. By sacrificing animals
4. All of the above
Q3. Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) of the X-Men is one of the most overtly Jewish superheroes of all time. How does she prominently display her faith?
1. By exclaiming "oy vey" whenever something bad happens
2. By wearing a Star of David necklace
3. By going to temple often
4. By leaving work early on Shabbat

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