In "The Chronicles of Narnia," regular children encounter a world of magical creatures. But all--human and animal--face moral choices that define them. How well do you compare to the characters of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe"? Take this quiz and find out.

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Q1. You hear that a friend's in trouble. Your gut reaction is:
1. I'll do what I can, but let's be realistic--I've got a lot of other responsibilities, too
2. Of course I'll help--but can one person really make a difference?
3. Whatever is needed, whatever the sacrifice--I'm there, no questions asked.
4. My friends know my limits--so they're relying on other people aside from me for help.
5. What's the least I can do without destroying the friendship?
Q2. You see a TV commercial about sponsoring a needy child in Africa, and it gets you thinking: What have I done to help poor children overseas? The answer:
1. I keep the needy in my thoughts and prayers, give to charities regularly, and volunteer from time to time.
2. Those commercials break my heart, but nothing I do will make a dent in the problem, so why bother trying?
3. Maybe someday I will help those children, but for now, I need to focus on my own needs.
4. It's sad about those kids, but the moment will pass and we're on to the next commercial.
5. I've adopted a child, gone on a mission or aid trip, and/or quit a high-paying job to work among the poor.
Q3. You can afford to give your annual charity donation or buy that new iPod you've been eyeing, but not both. Which do you do?
1. Too bad about that iPod. My donation is sacred, and I won't dip into it.
2. It makes me feel guilty, but realistically, it's hello iPod, good-bye charity.
3. I'm sure there's a way to have my iPod and help the needy, too.
4. The only charity I give to is myself... and an iPod seems a worthy donation.
5. I'll buy the iPod this year--but next year I promise I'll double my usual charity donation.
Q4. You're involved in a religious or community organization--and you're asked to be president for the year. Do you accept?
1. Thanks, but no thanks. Too much responsibility, and I prefer to do my work behind the scenes
2. Bring it on. Being in charge means I can have the greatest impact and do the most good
3. Were you really talking to me? I'm not involved in religious or community organizations
4. I'll do it, so that I can do good--though I have to admit, it also feels great to be in charge.
5. Sure, I'll be president--so I can delegate all responsibility and take credit for our success
Q5. A dog is about to be hit by a car. You're standing at the curb. What do you do?
1. Pretend I don't see it and walk away quickly.
2. No time to think: I run and grab the dog, without thinking of my own safety.
3. It may haunt me, but I know I'm not the kind of person who could take that kind of risk.
4. I need a moment to think... and I hope that delay doesn't ruin my chances when I snap into action to save the dog.
5. Anything for my own dog... for others, I will call for help and move on.
Q6. A friend calls to tell you she experienced a miracle. What's your reaction?
1. I tell my friend how excited I am for her, while questioning in my heart whether my friend is just being naive.
2. I explain that miracles don't exist, so there must be a scientific explanation for what happened.
3. I roll my eyes derisively and remind her that she always thinks she sees one miracle or another.
4. Hallelujah! Whether or not I believe in miracles, I am truly thrilled for my friend's good fortune.
5. I laugh at how naive my friend can be, while in my heart I wonder why I've never experienced a miracle.
Q7. Your community is debating a controversial issue you feel passionately about. How do you express your opinion?
1. My life is busy enough. I don't see myself getting involved in causes, despite my passionate feelings.
2. Say it loud, say it clear.
3. Say it, just not so loudly or clearly--I don't want to offend anyone.
4. I'm not the type to feel passionately about much of anything, aside from maybe myself. And the community isn't debating that.
5. Rant and rave to my family and closest friends... but steer clear of any public involvement, for fear of what people will think.
Q8. You wake up on a random weekday to find out your office is closed and you have the day off. How do you spend it?
1. Drop by the soup kitchen to volunteer, ask my pastor if I can do anything for the church, or visit with sick people.
2. Watch TV, lounge in bed, go shopping, see a mindless movie, or play video games.
3. Read a self-help book, catch up on yoga classes, go to the gym, or start learning that foreign language I've wanted to learn.
4. Take advantage of the empty house to get away with things my spouse or roommate would disapprove of.
5. Forget my to-do list, brag about my day off, and ignore the phone, in case someone is calling for a favor.
Q9. You are offered a new job. What's your LEAST important priority in deciding whether to take it?
1. Will it help others and do good for society?
2. Will it offer me a good balance between work and home?
3. Will it be fulfilling and challenging to me?
4. Will I be able to go on cruise control and do as little work as possible?
5. Will it help get me the power and money I deserve?
Q10. You mistakenly get mail marked "Extremely Urgent" that's addressed to your rude neighbors, who would never do you a favor. What do you do?
1. Though it's tempting to teach them a lesson by throwing it away, I'd shake off the temptation and give it to them.
2. Give it to them right away. The best way to change their behavior is to set a good example.
3. Into the garbage it goes. Finally, a chance to exact some revenge.
4. I'll give it to them only if they come and ask for it. Otherwise, I've got better things to do than help them.
5. I'll give it to them eventually, I am just not going to go out of my way to do it quickly.
Q11. My siblings and I are:
1. Not particularly close, but when there's a problem, I'm there, no questions asked.
2. Best friends, closer than close.
3. Not close; we've pretty much gone our separate ways.
4. Very close--but we have our share of disagreements and tensions.
5. I don't have siblings, but I wish I had someone like that to boss around.
6. I have no siblings, but wish I had someone to share that bond with.
Q12. Which of these movie or TV characters do you most identify with?
1. Jerry Maguire: I lived a life of selfishness but came to see the light.
2. Erin Brokovich: Just a regular person fighting for justice.
3. Gordon Gecko (from 'Wall Street'): Greed is good,
4. Spider-Man: With great power comes great responsibility.
5. Bridget Jones: I try to be good every day, but I can't always succeed.


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