Quiz: Your Narnia Knowledge

You've gone through the proverbial wardrobe so many times that Narnia seems like part of your backyard. You've dreamed of meeting Aslan and joining the fight against the White Witch. But how much do you really know about The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe? Take this quiz and find out!

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Q1. What type of bird to the children follow when they first journey all together to Narnia?
1. Jay
2. Robin
3. Hawk
4. Eagle
Q2. What was the children's last name?
1. Baggins
2. Lewis
3. Pevensie
4. Aslan
Q3. What sort of creature is Mr. Tumnus?
1. Head of a lion, body of a horse
2. Legs of a goat, the upper body of a man
3. Legs of a human, upper body of a lion
4. Legs of a horse, upper body of a man
Q4. The White Witch tempts one of the children with which treat?
1. Turkish Delight
2. Milk Chocolate
3. Caramel Nougat
4. Lime Rickey
Q5. Who was the first to discover the wardrobe?
1. Edmund
2. Susan
3. Lucy
4. Peter
Q6. The children are each given royal monikers by the end of the story. Despite his immoral actions, Edmund is dubbed:
1. King Edmund the Honorable
2. King Edmund the Great
3. King Edmund the Just
4. King Edmund the Loyal
Q7. Aslan offers himself to the White Witch in exchange for Edmund. He agrees to meet the White Witch at:
1. The Stone Table
2. The Lamppost
3. Cair Paravel
4. The River
Q8. After the children reigned as kings and queens in Narnia, they return to England while on a trip hunting this creature:
1. Giant Rumblebuffin
2. Reindeer
3. The White Stag
4. Wolves who had supported the White Witch
Q9. Upon meeting Lucy for the first time, Mr. Tumnus refers to her as a:
1. Child of God
2. Daughter of Eve
3. Daughter of Adam
4. Sister of Earth
Q10. What is the White Witch's primary mode of transportation?
1. A horse and carriage
2. A broomstick
3. Magic!
4. A reindeer-powered sledge


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