Presidential Inaugurations Quiz: On What Did They Solemnly Swear?

Which president opened his inaugural Bible at random in haste? Which didn't swear at all? Test your knowledge of presidential inaugural Bible use with this quiz. Then see a complete listing of all the known inaugural Bibles and verses.
Q1. Which presidents took the Oath of Office by swearing on a closed Bible?
1. Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford,
2. Truman, Kennedy, Johnson
3. Washington, Lincoln, Theo. Roosevelt
Q2. Which president affirmed instead of swearing the oath?
1. Lincoln
2. Wilson
3. Pierce
Q3. Which president swore on a passage that included the words, 'Nation shall not lift up sword against nation...'?
1. Nixon
2. Lincoln
3. Bush Sr.
Q4. Which president didn't use a Bible for his first inauguration but did use one for his second?
1. Reagan
2. Kennedy
3. Theodore Roosevelt

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