Creation Quiz

"Do you believe the universe was created by God?" In a recent Newsweek/Beliefnet poll, 80% of respondents answered "yes" to this question. In fact, only 10% of those polled answered "no."

But exactly how God created the world is a trickier question for most Americans. Some comfortably accommodate religious faith and scientific theories like evolution. Others believe that accepting these theories means rejecting God's word or sovereignty. Some feel that God is guiding or intervening in the process of evolution, and support Intelligent Design.

On the spectrum of attitudes about the origins of the universe and the development of life, where do you fall? Take our quiz.

Q1. Evolution is:
1. A shoddy, unproven hypothesis.
2. Just a theory--but supported by more evidence than most.
3. A highly persuasive theory.
4. A fact.
Q2. The Big Bang:
1. Didn't happen. God created the world in six days.
2. Did happen, thanks to natural forces alone.
3. Did happen, and was caused by God.
Q3. The Earth is:
1. Less than 10,000 years old.
2. Billions of years old.
Q4. Human beings:
1. Were created directly by God and did not evolve from other species.
2. Evolved from other species in a process guided by God.
3. Evolved from other species; God had no part in it.
Q5. Random genetic mutation and natural selection:
1. Account for all life found today.
2. Account for most living creatures, but there are certain things evolution can't explain.
3. Have not necessarily given rise to life on Earth.
Q6. If science can't explain something, it means:
1. The divine may be at work.
2. Science eventually will.
3. Science may or may not eventually explain everything, but that has no bearing on my belief in God.
Q7. In public schools, children should learn about:
1. Evolution alone.
2. Creationism.
3. Intelligent Design.
4. A combination of the above.
5. Evolution in science class, and other ideas about origins in social studies.
6. None of the above; parents should teach these particular subjects at home.
Q8. If it were proved beyond doubt that humans evolved from other animals by random chance and were not intentionally created by God, then...
1. My religious faith would be shaken.
2. It would not affect my religious beliefs.
3. It would reinforce my belief that only matter exists.


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