Quiz: What Happens in Heaven?

Do you know what beer has to do with heaven? What is the afterlife according to Narnia's Aslan? Take the quiz and discover eternal bliss (or the answers, at least)!
Q1. According to ''Amazing Grace,'' when we've been in heaven 10,000 years, how many more days do we have to sing God's praise?
1. 100,000
2. A billion
3. No less than when we first begun
Q2. Which band said ''heaven is a place where nothing ever happens''?
1. Beatles
2. Talking Heads
3. Doors
Q3. In 1991's ''Defending Your Life,'' a celestial amenity was:
1. Eating all you want without getting fat
2. An endless supply of drugs with no side effects
3. Never having to wait in line for a bus
Q4. Who declared that it's ''better to reign in hell than serve in heaven''?
1. Macbeth in Shakespeare's play
2. Satan in Milton's Paradise Lost
3. Bill Clinton in 2000
Q5. According to the popular drinking song, why do we drink beer?
1. Because the great saints of Germany partook
2. Because St. Peter requires that everyone have sipped a bit of beer before they enter heaven
3. Because ''in heaven there is no beer''
Q6. Dante envisioned the collected saints in heaven resembling:
1. A multifoliate rose
2. A swarm of fireflies
3. A honeycomb
Q7. In Led Zeppelin's ''Stairway to Heaven,'' can celestial stores close?
1. No, never
2. Yes, but you can still get what you want
3. Only at midnight
Q8. In 1999's ''Dogma,'' bad-boy angels Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are kicked out of heaven and end up in:
1. A Taco Bell
2. Wisconsin
3. An eternal traffic jam
Q9. What does a polished Satan do at the end of 1943's ''Heaven Can Wait''?
1. Pushes the film's hero into a bucket that St. Peter must crank up to heaven
2. Ushers the hero into an elevator saying ''Up''
3. Plays a game of cards with Gabriel for the hero's soul
Q10. In her 1978 song, country singer Tanya Tucker isn't sure if what kind of person is let into heaven?
1. Lawyers
2. Cowboys
3. Gun control enthusiasts
Q11. What ''comes first'' in heaven for pop singer Belinda Carlisle?
1. God
2. Friendship
3. Love
Q12. At the end of C.S. Lewis' Narnia series, how does Aslan describe the afterlife?
1. ''The exam is over; the party has begun''
2. ''The term is over; the holidays have begun''
3. ''The torment is over; the music has begun''


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