Quiz: How Charitable Are You?

Many religions uphold charity as one of the most important virtues, but how much does your sense of charity affect your daily life? Take this quiz to see how charitable you really are.
Q1. When I pass a beggar on the street I:
1. Happily give him or her all the spare change I have in my pockets.
2. Give a few nickels and dimes, then make a mental note to donate canned goods to my church's soup kitchen.
3. Occasionally give, but often begrudgingly, or just to get the person to stop pestering me.
4. Never give spare change to beggars. They're just going to use it for booze or drugs.
Q2. I model my charitable giving after:
1. Mother Teresa
2. Bill Gates
3. The head of my local volunteer soup kitchen or shelter
4. Ebenezer Scrooge
Q3. My favorite quote about giving or service is:
1. "God loves a cheerful giver." --New Testament
2. "Love your neighbor as yourself." --The Bible
3. "Charity begins at home."
4. "God helps them that help themselves." --Benjamin Franklin
Q4. My favorite charity is a lot like:
1. A local soup kitchen or shelter, so I feel like my contributions have a direct effect on people in my community.
2. Habitat for Humanity, an organization founded on faith-based principles that doesn't discriminate in who it helps.
3. United Way, a large organization that I know does great work, even if I don't know exactly where my money goes.
4. Toys for Tots, a holiday program that will only ask me for donations once a year.

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