Quiz: How Involved Are You?

Robert Putnam says American community involvement is declining. Wade Clark Roof disagrees. Are you actively involved in your community, or are you more concerned with your own pursuits? Take this quiz to find out which way you tip the scale.
Q1. Are you a member of a civic association?
1. Yes, I'm an active member
2. I go to occasional meetings
3. I have been a member in the past, but I'm not currently active
4. I have never been a member
Q2. How connected are you in the workplace?
1. I am active in a professional organization
2. I socialize with my co-workers outside the office and attend company functions
3. I play on my company's softball team, but mainly to get exercise
4. Water-cooler conversation is about as connected as I get
Q3. I feel like I'm part of a community when:
1. I participate in a local chapter of a national civic association
2. I attend a religious group or political meeting
3. I find a group of like-minded people on the internet
4. I do not feel like I am part of a larger community
Q4. What is your social life like?
1. I go out frequently to restaurants, movies, sporting events, and other places with friends
2. I often invite friends over or attend small gatherings at others' houses
3. I occasionally go out with friends or invite them over
4. I rarely socialize beyond my immediate family
Q5. How well do you know your neighbors?
1. I know them very well and invite them over often
2. I know their names and a bit of personal information
3. I sometimes wave when I see them in the street or on the elevator
4. I never interact with them

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