What Is Your Devotional Personality?

By Nicole Symmonds

What is your ideal devotional? Do you prefer spiritual self-help guides to inspirational stories? Scriptural study guides to books of prayers? Maybe you are unsure of what devotional would be right for you because you know very little about them. Take our quiz and discover your devotional personality and the devotions that would work best in your life.

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Q1. I am a:
1. Career person
2. Homemaker
3. Student
4. Free spirit
Q2. For me, devotionals are a way to:
1. Keep in touch with something greater than myself
2. Learn to lead a good life or find inner peace
3. Fulfill a psychological need for something outside of myself
4. Find a connection to God
Q3. I prefer:
1. Devotionals organized around a daily program of reading
2. Devotionals not connected to a regular schedule
3. I don't have preference.
Q4. I believe the best time for reading devotional literature is:
1. In the morning before I start my day
2. At night before I go to sleep
3. Midday, because devotionals are soothing
4. Whenever I'm in the mood--there's no real 'best time'
Q5. I spend the following amount of time each day on devotionals:
1. None
2. Five to 30 minutes
3. Thirty minutes to an hour
4. It depends on my schedule
Q6. I find my greatest spiritual fulfillment in:
1. Prayer
2. Worship services
3. Books or music
4. Meditation
Q7. When looking for a devotional, I search for:
1. Whatever inspires me
2. A well-known or trustworthy-seeming author
3. Plenty of Scriptural references
4. I'm not sure what to look for.
5. I've never looked for a devotional.
Q8. When using a devotional, I get the most out of:
1. Studying the suggested Scriptural passages
2. Reading the inspiring stories
3. Praying after the devotional
4. Contemplating the devotional's message throughout the day
Q9. I change my devotional literature every:
1. Month
2. Week
3. Year
4. Whenever the need arises
5. I've never used devotional literature.
Q10. The last devotional I used was:
1. 'My Utmost for His Highest'
2. 'The Purpose Driven Life'
3. 'My Daily Bread'
4. A devotional not listed here
5. I've never used a devotional.
Q11. I believe devotional literature is an important part of spiritual growth:
1. Yes
2. No
3. I've never considered its importance.


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