Holy Ecology! Test Your Eco-Spiritual Savvy with this Quiz

The environment is a hot topic for many faiths--and today's spiritual leaders have a big impact on "green" issues. Test your knowledge of recent news stories about religion and the environment. Ready for more? Take the quiz on "What Religions Teach About the Environment." Then learn more about healing the earth.
Q1. Which evangelical Christian pastor is helping to lead an anti-global warming initiative for religious leaders?
1. Jerry Falwell
2. Rick Warren
3. Joel Osteen
4. Al Sharpton
Q2. Who said that Hurricane Katrina was an act of God against the "wicked city" of New Orleans?
1. The Rev. Pat Robertson
2. Mayor Ray Nagin
3. Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
4. Michael Marcavage, director of Repent America
Q3. What river holy to Hindus is now becoming polluted because of the volume of people who bathe in it?
1. The Tigris
2. The Euphrates
3. The Ganges
4. The Nile
Q4. What did "Left Behind" author Tim LaHaye tell Larry King about Christians and the environment?
1. Christians should use up the earth's natural resources to hasten the second coming of Christ
2. Christians should shun environmentalists as tools of the anti-Christ
3. Christians missionaries should save souls along with the environment
4. Christians should work for clean air and water
Q5. Gaia is NOT one of the following:
1. The theory that the earth is a single living organism that maintains conditions necessary for its survival
2. A catalogue featuring earth-friendly products
3. The Greek goddess of the earth
4. Toyota's newest hybrid car
Q6. The Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) started which of these initiatives?
1. Is God Green?
2. What Would Jesus Drive?
3. Is Earth Our Mother?
4. Who Will Help Us?
Q7. Environmentalist Andy Lipkis started TreePeople, a nonprofit that gets celebrities to plant trees in urban areas, because of the Jewish principle of:
1. Tikkun olam
2. Shomer negiyah
3. Tuv ha'aretz
4. Shalom bayit
Q8. For what is Julia Butterfly Hill best known?
1. Living in a California redwood tree to prevent loggers from cutting it down
2. Running a sanctuary to protect butterflies
3. Donating all the money from her famous "butterfly paintings" to environmental organizations
4. All of these
Q9. The area around the Muslim sacred city Mecca is a holy haram, which means what?
1. Green place
2. Place where flowers are always in bloom
3. Sanctuary (for plants and animals)
4. Hiding place
Q10. Pope Benedict XVI was featured in a PETA ad last year because:
1. He refused to wear ermine-trimmed papal vestments.
2. He said, "Animals, too, are God's creatures" and condemned certain food-industry practices.
3. He switched the Vatican kitchen to all-vegetarian meals.
4. He spoke out against the clubbing of baby seals.
Q11. What did the Dalai Lama say about the environment?
1. "If we all meditate every day, the atmosphere will begin to clear."
2. "It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the environment in which we all live."
3. "Our responsibility is to the inner life. The outer life will take care of itself."
4. "When all are enlightened, there will be no pollution."


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