Quiz: Judas in the Gospels

Many Christians see him as history's worst traitor. Others see him as misunderstood. How much do you know about Judas Iscariot? Take our quiz.
Q1. What role did Judas play as one of the twelve disciples?
1. He held the group's money
2. He cooked the group's food
3. He cared for the group's donkeys
Q2. Some scholars think Judas may have been:
1. A political revolutionary who wanted to overthrow Roman rule
2. A fictional or composite character invented to place blame on Jews
3. A man from the town of Iscariot
4. All of the above
Q3. According to Luke's gospel, what happened to make Judas betray Jesus?
1. Jesus shouted at him
2. Jesus accused him of stealing
3. Satan entered Judas
Q4. According to Mark's gospel, what did Judas do at the Last Supper?
1. He ate all the food
2. He dipped bread into the same dish as Jesus
3. He poured the wine
Q5. How did Judas identify Jesus to the guards who arrested him?
1. By shaking his hand
2. With a kiss
3. By drawing his picture
Q6. What did Judas receive for turning Jesus over?
1. Thirty pieces of gold
2. Thirty pieces of silver
3. Three pieces of silver
Q7. What did Judas try to do after Jesus' death?
1. Bury his body
2. Ask the other disciples for forgiveness
3. Return the money
Q8. According to Matthew's gospel, how did Judas die?
1. He threw himself into a river
2. He died of old age
3. He hanged himself
Q9. What did the chief priests use the returned money for?
1. To buy a cemetery field for foreigners
2. To restore Jerusalem's temple
3. To feed widows and orphans


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