Quiz: Find Your Spiritual Path

Have you been looking for a new spiritual experience, but you're not sure whether you're more suited to the comfort of a traditional setting, or just want to explore on your own? Spirituality is like hiking, it's all about finding the right path. Take our quiz and see which way your compass is pointing!
Q1. Vacation is coming up and you're planning to spend it hiking in the great outdoors. You ...
1. Call your friends immediately! You get more out of a group experience.
2. Call your friends, but you're not afraid to head out on your own.
3. Head out on your own. You think better alone.
Q2. You have a week for vacation. You prefer to ...
1. To take one long trip. I'll get more out of stuff when I immerse myself in it.
2. Take several day trips. I learn more through a variety of specific experiences.
Q3. You plan your trip by ...
1. Gobbling up every map and travel guide you can get your hands on. The more info the better.
2. Taking a look at a simple map. Once you have the idea, you can take it from there.
Q4. Your packing list includes ...
1. Whatever L.L. Bean says. Looking the part is half the fun.
2. Whatever's comfortable and practical. The most important thing to bring with you is your attitude.
Q5. You need to hire a field guide. Would you hire Ranger Rick or Ranger Roberta?
1. Doesn't matter one bit! Bring both of them along.
2. Truth be told, I'd more comfortable with a Ranger Rick ... he'd be stronger in case of emergency.
3. Ranger Roberta, of course ... Grrrl Power!

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