Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Pope Benedict XVI?

Before he became pope, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was well-known at the Vatican, but he remains a bit unknown to those outside Rome. Test your knowledge of the pontiff, including his favorite soft drink.

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Q1. How many popes preceded Benedict?
1. 264
2. 150
3. 450
Q2. Pope Benedict is the first pope to:
1. Snowboard in his papal robes
2. Write a book
3. Own an iPod Nano
Q3. Which writer and thinker is a favorite of Pope Benedict's and was also the subject of his dissertation?
1. St. Thomas Aquinas
2. St. Augustine
3. St. Teresa of Avila
Q4. In a 2007 apostolic letter, Pope Benedict made what change regarding the Latin Mass?
1. He restricted its use
2. He authorized expanding its use
3. He declared it mandatory
Q5. In his previous role as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, then-Cardinal Ratzinger earned what nickname?
1. God's Rottweiler
2. The Lion
3. The Lamb
Q6. Pope Benedict was rumored to have a fondness for what luxury item? (This rumor turned out to be false.)
1. Calvin Klein cologne
2. Russian caviar
3. Prada shoes
Q7. In his second encyclical, "Saved by Hope," Pope Benedict describes "the incisive language and intellect" of:
1. Charles Darwin
2. Karl Marx
3. Isaac Newton
Q8. In his years as Cardinal, Ratzinger was known to feed what animals around Rome?
1. Pigeons
2. Stray dogs
3. Stray cats
Q9. What's Pope Benedict's favorite soft drink?
1. Diet Coke
2. 7Up
3. Orange Fanta
Q10. Which of the following is the title of a book written by Pope Benedict?
1. St. Francis of Assisi
2. Jesus of Nazareth
3. Hope, Faith and Love
Q11. In a 2007 ceremony, Pope Benedict spoke at a beatification ceremony for a record-setting 498 martyrs. When did those martyrs die?
1. During the Spanish Civil War
2. During the Crusades
3. During World War I
Q12. Pope Benedict has NOT done which of the following?
1. Called on industrialized nations to share green technologies
2. Authorized the Popemobile to run on ethanol
3. Allowed a plan for the Vatican to become the first carbon-neutral state


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