Quiz: What Sort of Muslim Are You?

What role does Islam play in your life? One's faith is often difficult to put in words, let alone in general categories. Most Muslims will find that these categories do not make room for the complex role Islam plays in their life. But, hey, we're already stereotyped -- why not add a couple more? Take this Beliefnet quiz to be categorized, generalized, and pigeonholed. Then, let us know what you think. Who knows, we might actually be right.

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Q1. How and when do you read the Qur'an?
1. At least once a day.
2. Whenever I get the chance, often in study groups.
3. When I feel the urge to connect to God or when I have questions about a certain subject.
4. I never read the Qur'an.
Q2. How often do you pray?
1. I pray 5 times a day and keep regular prayer times.
2. I mostly keep regular prayer times, though I often combine sessions. I try to make up missed prayers whenever I can.
3. I generally don't pray. If I do, it is during gatherings--when I go to the mosque or have Muslims around me.
4. I don't pray in the traditional way, but I talk to God often or try to pray my "own way."
Q3. Do you feel comfortable shaking hands/kissing friends of the opposite sex in greeting or when saying good-bye?
1. Yes, but only when the person is not a Muslim.
2. Yes, it is not an issue for me.
3. No, I don't feel comfortable shaking hands with the opposite sex. It is immodest.
4. I feel comfortable shaking hands with but not kissing members of the opposite sex.
Q4. If your Muslim friend told you he is gay, you would:
1. Work hard at convincing him that people have homosexual thoughts, but they should not be acted upon because they are forbidden.
2. Ostracize him because he is living a life of sin and is no longer Muslim.
3. Continue to be friends with him even though you believe he might be committing sinful acts.
4. Continue to be friends with him. There is nothing wrong with being gay. Muslims have to change with the times.
Q5. During Ramadan, you...
1. Fast and keep the daily prayers, though I do not attend mosque functions often. I prefer the solitude of my home.
2. Fast, keep the daily prayers, and go to my local mosque nightly to break fast. I try to attend tarawih or other Ramadan events.
3. Fast and attend the mosque more frequently than I normally would. I try to break fast with other Muslims or with the family.
4. Do not fast, but I might attend some Ramadan functions, mostly out of family obligations.

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